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What is Leucoderma / Vitiligo?

Leucoderma is a skin disorder in which skin patches appear to lose their natural color. The white patches that form in Leucoderma remain closely imputed to each other. In simple language, it can be de-pigmentation of the skin color, which is due to the destruction of melanocytes in the body. It is the melanin that determines the color of the hair and skin. But in Leucoderma, the cells that secrete melanin either die or stop functioning.

  • Non-contagious skin problem
  • An autoimmune disorder.
  • body’s ability to produce melanin pigment reduces
  • resulting in skin discoloration
  • typical white liaisons and patches on the skin.
  • Can occur in any part of the body

There are two types of Leucoderma: (Segmental and Non-segmental)

Segmental Leucoderma – The symptoms of this form of Leucoderma may start showing up at an early stage while affecting only one side or segment of the body. This type progresses only for a few years.

Non-Segmental Leucoderma – It begins with a short-lived burst of discoloration, but non-segmental Leucoderma affects both sides of the body and expands with new cycles of pigment loss over the course of life.



Leucoderma can affect any part of the body, but pigmentation usually occurs in the areas which are prominently exposed to the sun. Usually, the signs appear before the age of 30.

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