About Us

Our Vision is to provide an ear to people who are suffering from dermatological issues, Who want to be heard. We want to be a Vehicle of Consciousness in the world creating an holistic, natural, authentic approach towards the journey of ultimate well being.

Our Mission
We want to be a trustworthy and innovative global leader in providing genuine ayurvedic therapy for dermatological issues through digital platform. Saving the time, respecting the privacy of individuals.

Our Values

  • Committed to provide best possible service to patients.
  • Genuine and honest products
  • Exact Detail-Oriented Diagnosis
  • Respecting the privacy of individuals.

About Doctor

Dr. P. Sireesha, the consulting doctor of ‘Ayurveda Skin Clinics’ is a Passionate Aethetician. She hails from traditional ayurvedic doctor’s family having more than four generations of experience and expertise in field of Ayurveda. With her acquired traditional knowledge coupled with her education in field of medicine she can deliver treatments to the utmost perfection especially for skin related problems.

More than 5000 patients benefited with her treatment and medication. Her speciality is she prepares medicines on her own as per the patients specific needs. As a true worshipper of lord Dhanwantari, She has solely devoted her life to heal people from their sufferings. She has successfully cured many souls trubled with dermatoligical issues, nationally & internationally.

Dr.P.Sireesha Certificate
Dr.P.Sireesha Degree Certificate

Our Commitment

To deliver genuine organic ayurvedic inputs to our patients.

To introduce a unique and successful holistic therapy.

To support and promote the gifts of mother nature, unknown to humans.

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