Kesha Samrakshana


Hair growth and Protection falls under the heading – ‘KESHYA’. Keshya means that which is good for the hair.

Kesha Sanjanana

(that which helps in origin of hair)

‘Kesha sanjanana’ is the concept of origin of hair. Kesha is directly related to Asthi as well as Shukra, Substances having properties to enhance asthi and shukra must be utilized. 

Some of herbs possessing these properties are:


  1. Vatama-badam
  2. Kajutaki-cashew nut
  3. Bhallatka- marking nut seed pulp
  4. Nalikera-coconut oil
  5. Jyotishmati-Celastrus paniculata

Kesha Vardhana

(that which promote hair growth)

‘Kesha vardhana’ is the concept of hair growth promoters.

Medicaments rich in qualities like:

  • snigdha (unctuous) 
  • guru (heavy) 
  • sheeta (cold) 
  • manda (slow) 
  • sthira (stable) are required here. 
  • Madhura (sweet) 
  • Amla (sour) 
  • Slight kashaya (astringent) flavored substances contribute to this benefit.

    Some of herbs possessing these properties are:

    1. Methika -fenugreek
    2. Vatangur- tender buds of vata vriksha (Ficus bengalensis)
    3. Kumari – aloe vera
    4. Japa – hibiscus
    5. Malati- jasmine
    6. Kamala- lotus
    7. Nalikera-coconut 
    8. Amalaki- indian gooseberry
    9. Bhumyamalaki- Phyllanthus indica etc.

    Kesha Ranjana

    (that which improves natural colour or black colour to the hair)

    ‘Kesha ranjana’ is the concept of restoring natural hair colour Substances which enhances ranjaka pitta and bhrajaka pitta.         

    (pigmenting units derived from pitta as per ayurveda)

    Herbal drugs as well as minerals possessing the following properties are useful in this respect:

    • Snigdhaguna(unctousness)
    • Teekshna (penetrative)
    • Ushna (warm/hot)
    • Laghu(light)
    • sara(motile)

    Some of herbs possessing these properties are:

    1. Bhringaraja – Eclipta alba
    2. Neeli – Indigofera tinctoria
    3. Amalaki – Emblica officinalis
    4. Sharapunkha -Tephrosia purpuria

      Medicated oils containing these herbs, Medicated powders and Shampoos containing these herbs, Sometimes using certain oils or products can produce reactions like sudden flu or sneezing.

      The factors that are responsible for such reactions are:

      • Ingredients which are cold in potency.
      • Ingredients to which one might be incompatible to.
      • Immediate climate change.
      • Improper application time
      • Leaving the product for prolonged time on the scalp.

      Your Ayurvedic physician will do the job of judiciously choosing the right product for you as per your body nature and hair conditions. So it is always advised to consult one before choosing the product right away when you see any advertisement.


      • Medicated hair oils penetrate deep into the scalp and increase blood flow and circulation at the root zone resulting in more absorption of nutrients and vital hair growth promoting vitamins by hair follicles.
      • As blood circulation around the hair follicle increases, hair will have short sleep or inactive stages resulting in reduction in hair fall as well as profound growth of hair.
      • Apart from this the special process of ‘Tailapaka’ reduces the molecular weight of the active herbal complex contained in the oil.This will help it to penetrate deep into the scalp and reach the target zone of hair follicles to deliver the best results.
      • In case of Male and Female pattern Alopecia and Alopecia areata which are most common these days,the oil prepared through the ‘Tailapaka’ process acts in such a way that it reaches the root zone which were previously narrowed by inflammation caused by DHT widens again and hair re-growth initiates.
      • In case of Seborrheic dermatitis, the inflammation of the hair follicle will be reduced by the active ingredients in the oil and flaky and itchy symptoms also will be reduced.
      • In case of hair loss due to increased stress and other mental health problems, the sacred herbs infused in the medicated oil acts through its cold potency on the scalp activating the ‘Marmas of Head and Neck’.
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